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WIRB to Arrange Translation

WIRB to Arrange Translation


When a translation is requested on the WIRB Research Review Submission Form, the request will be sent to a certified translator/translation service when the English form is finalized and transmitted to the site.  This is to ensure that all changes have been incorporated and that the form is the final version.


Once a research study is in process and it is found that a non-English-speaking subject qualifies for the study, a written request may be submitted to the WIRB Translations Dept. identifying the Sponsor, Protocol Nr., Investigator and the language requested.  A quote for the service may be requested before the work is begun.


For most languages, turnaround time is approximately 5-7 working days from the time the request is sent to the translator.  When the completed translation is received by WIRB, it will be verified and finalized, and sent to the site along with a signed translator certification statement.


The Board bills the translator fee plus the WIRB administrative fee of $285 for processing the request.  Once the consent form is translated, it can be “personalized” for additional sites for the administrative fee and possibly the minimum one-hour translator fee ($75) if there is additional site-specific information that requires translation.

Sponsor/CRO/Site Translation

Sponsor/CRO/Site Translation


The WIRB-approved version of the consent form may be translated and submitted to the Board along with a signed translator certification statement (sample attached) which identifies the document that was translated.  If the translator is not certified and cannot provide a certification statement, the document will be sent to the translation service for verification before it can be issued.  The translation must correspond to the WIRB approved version; therefore, a translation of the sponsor template is not acceptable.


The translated consent form needs to be submitted electronically in WORD format so that following final verification, the Board’s approval stamp can be affixed.  If the certification statement is not available electronically, then it may be sent by mail or fax.  Other documents (i.e. diaries, instructions, advertisements) should also be submitted electronically if possible.


If the translated form is acceptable as submitted, the WIRB administrative fee of $285 will be billed for processing the request.  Turnaround time is normally 2-3 working days to verify Spanish documents, and 5-7 working days for other languages.

Translator Certification

Translator Certification (Sample)


I hereby swear that I am fluent in English and (name of language) and that I have, to the best of my knowledge and belief, made a true and complete translation from English to (name of language) of the WIRB® approved (name document, i.e. Research Subject Information and Consent Form; Advertisement) for (sponsor / protocol number) (WIRB® 200_____) this ___________ day of ___________, 2005.




(Signature of Translator)


Name of Certification (ATA, DSHS)____________

Certified by the State of______________________

Certificate No.______________________________

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