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Chapter 11: Creating a Final Report

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Steps to Create a Final Report Are:


1)   Log into eProst (Chapters 1 and 2)


2)   Click on Protocol Team from within the Home Workspace page (Chapter 3)


3)   Click the Protocols tab to display a list of all of the protocols on which you (the "user") have been included.


4)   Click the title of the study for which a final report is to be created.  This will open the Study Workspace


5)    Click New Final Report from within the Study Workspace.  This will launch the final report form.


6)    Complete the final report form using the principles detailed in Chapter 5.

NOTE:  Select Final Report from the drop-down list in question 1.1. Complete the rest of the eProst continuing report form as appropriate 

NOTE:  Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk (*). If these fields are not completed, the final report will not be submitted


7)   Before exiting, be sure to save changes with the SAVE link.  When the "final report" SmartForm is complete, click on the FINISH button or EXIT link to be re-directed to the Study Workspace (c.f. Figure 7).


8)   When the final report form is concluded, press Submit Final Report from the Study Workspace to review and attest to the contents of the Principal Investigator's Assurance Statement.  As appropriate, click "yes" and then OK

NOTE:  eProst will permit only the PI to submit the final report


9)    eProst will forward the final report to the Principal Investigator's academic department for review and approval.  Once approved, eProst will forward the final report to appropriate ancillary committees (if applicable) for approval and then to the HSRO for IRB review.  When a determination is made, the PI will be contacted via eProst notification

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