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Chapter 1: Requesting an eProst Account

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Every eProst user must have his/her own eProst "account” with a unique username and password.

Having an eProst account allows the user to connect (i.e. "log-in") to the eProst system; and it allows the eProst system to identify the user.


NOTE:Users should not share their password or permit anyone else to access the eProst system under their account

Steps to Request an eProst Account:

1)      Click (i.e. "open") a standard internet browser

NOTE:  The HSRO recommends the use of Internet Explorer by individuals with Windows as their computer's operating system and Safari or Firefox for individuals using Apple computers

NOTE:  The browser must be set to allow "cookies" (pieces of information stored by web pages on your computer.  Cookies are used to remember login information and other data).    If "cookies" are not yet allowed on your computer, click on Tools in the browser's toolbar, then click on Options and then click on Privacy to access the necessary application


2)    When the internet browser screen appears on the computer, users should access the HSRO website.  This is done by typing the following  (underlined) address into the browser toolbar which is usually at the top of the screen:



3)    When the HSRO website has been accessed, the HSRO Home Page should appear. Figure 1 is a copy of this home page.  Attention should be directed to the top right hand corner of the page under the heading Links of Interest where there is a link titled:  New User?  Request an eProst Account.


4)    Click on New User? Request an eProst Account. This will bring up the eProst Account Request form which is shown in Figure 2.


5)    Complete the eProst Account Request form by filling in all required information. When the form is completed, click the Register button located at the bottom of the form.

NOTE:  Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). The form cannot be submitted until all of these fields have been completed






6)    Your eProst username and password will be sent within one business day to the email address you provide in the form.

NOTE:  When you receive the email letter, read it carefully.  It states that the password must be changed upon the first login to the eProst system

NOTE:  If you ever forget your username or password, please contact the eProst help desk at 305-243-3195 or send an email request to eprost@med.miami.edu.


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Figure 1:  the HSRO home page from the website at www.hsro.miami.edu.

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Figure 2:  eProst Account Request Form

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