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Chapter 3:  "Home Workspace" and "Personal Folders"

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The HOME WORKSPACE is the page on the computer screen which serves as the user's main page (i.e. "home-page") for working with eProst.


PERSONAL FOLDERS are specific to the user's current role.


When a user logs into the eProst system (c.f. Chapter 2), a home workspace page appears on the screen.  This page is individualized for each eProst user.  It is from this Home Workspace page that users control what they will accomplish within the eProst system. 

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A typical Home Workspace page (created for "Test PI") is shown in Figure 4.  Controlling eProst from the Home Workspace page is straight-forward once it’s the basic principles are understood. 

The Home Workspace page is individualized to each user's privileges to provide necessary access to one or more personal folders.  These folders are specific to the role(s) permitted to be assumed by users.  The available roles may be selected by clicking from the list on the left side of the Home Workspace page. 

For example, users who are submitting materials (i.e. studies, reports or amendments) o the IRB should click on Protocol Team.  Users who are conducting reviews of someone else's study at the departmental level should click on Departmental Approver.  Users who are conducting reviews for the IRB should click on the IRB Member role.  Users who are conducting reviews for an ancillary committee should click on Ancillary Committee Member.

Once a "role" has been selected, a folder specific for that role will appear on the screen.  This folder acts as the gateway to provide users with access to studies, information and work areas through tabs found in the center of the page.  The function of these tabs will be explained in subsequent chapters.

NOTE: If studies or other items are expected but not seen on the selected folder, users should first ensure that the proper role has been selected

The Home Workspace also contains a button to create a new study (protocol).  Clicking on this button will provide users with a blank “SmartForm” necessary for submission to the IRB. 

NOTE: Creation of continuing reports, amendments and reportable events documents must be initiated from within a study workspace (c.f. Chapter 6).  This is because these items must be linked to an existing study

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Figure 5:  The "Home Workspace" page for the user "Test PI"

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