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Chapter 4: Working with Folders

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This chapter uses the "PROTOCOL TEAM" folder as an example 

This chapter describes functions and access available within folders.  Since the most commonly used folder is that created for the Protocol Team (c.f. Figure 4), this will serve as the example folder.

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Figure 6:  For advice, call the HSRO 'help' desk at 305-243-3195
or use your discretion if children are available.


The Protocol Team folder should be used by principal investigators, co-investigators, collaborators and staff of a study.  This folder contains only studies and other items on which the user is listed as a member of the study team. 

NOTE: The specificity of studies and other items occurs in all folders. For example, if a user has access to and selects the Departmental Approver role, he/she will only see studies awaiting departmental approval

The Protocol Team (or any other folder) can be accessed by

a)      logging into eProst (Chapters 1 and 2)

b)      clicking on Protocol Team (or other folder) from within the Home Workspace page (Chapter 3)


Information within the Protocol Team folder is by using the tabs found in the center of the page.  Clicking on a specific tab will determine what information will become immediately available.  The availability of tabs varies with the role selected.  Tabs on the Protocol Team folder are: 

1)      My Inbox: This displays studies, continuing/final reports, amendments and reportable events that require the user's attention.  An example of an “inbox” folder is shown in Figure 5.

NOTE: If an expected item is not available within the user's Protocol Team folder, check that the PI has listed the user for access to that study

Items within the My Inbox folder may be accessed by clicking on the study title (“Name”). 


Items within the My Inbox folder may be sorted by clicking on the table headings (i.e. ID, Name, Principal Investigator, Date Modified, Type of Submission, State) 

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Figure 7: An example of the "MY INBOX" tab


2)    Protocols: Displays all studies to which the user has been permitted access by the Principal Investigator.  Information may be accessed and sorted as in the My Inbox tab


3)    Continuing Reports: Displays all continuing reports and final reports for studies permitted to the user.  Information may be accessed and sorted as in the My Inbox tab

NOTE: eProst assigns separate IDs to protocols and continuing/ final reports.  Clicking the study (protocol) ID or title ("name") will access the study; clicking a continuing/final report ID or title ("name") will access that report.


4)    Amendments: Displays all amendments for studies accessible by the user. Information may be accessed and sorted as in the My Inbox tab


5)    Reports: Allows access to reports of interest from the HSRO to the protocol team.  Reports are generated by clicking on Run or the Name (title) of the report.


6)    Reportable Events: Displays all reportable events for studies to which the user is permitted access. 

NOTE: The definition of "Reportable Events" is broad (c.f. IRB Written Policies and Procedures in the HSRO website).  This definition includes (but is not limited to) items such as serious adverse events, IND safety reports, study deviations, updated investigator brochures and affirmations of translated documents


Reportable events may be accessed by clicking on the ID number or Title of the event.  The associated study is viewable by clicking on the Protocol ID or Protocol Title.

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